The alliance of the four enterprise units with altogether seven locations in the countries Germany, Switzerland, in the USA and in Czech Republic with the attached manufacturing plants in Poland and Romania offers a broad spectrum of coating solutions.

Adelhelm, Non-stick coatings, Corrosion protection coatings, Halar coatings, Dry lubrication coatings, PFA coatings, Chemical protection coatings, E-CTFE coatings, PTFE coatings, Non-stick coatings, PU coatings, PUR coatings, Glass coatings, Teflon coatings, Coatings on mass parts, Coatings on single parts, Corrosion protection, Reduction in wear, Non-stick, Glide coating, Excalibur coatings, Excalibur coating, XYLAN, PFA coating, Chemical resistance, ECTFE, Commission coatings, O-ring coatings, Coatings of metals, MOS2 coatings, Coatings of polymers, Coatings of plastics, Molycote coatings