Company Profile About Adelberg Laboratories Adelberg Laboratories was the first to commercially introduce a parallel acting roller clamp for infusion sets, which was named the Precision V-Clamp in 1972. Advanced space technology made possible for the first time flow rates through pinched PVC tubing, which varied little with time. Precision flow rate control was thereby attainable.

Soon after the introduction of the patented clamp, Abbott Laboratories and Baxter Healthcare adapted and licensed this design for use with most of their infusion sets. As a consequence of continual product development, Adelberg Laboratories introduced their Model II Precision V-Clamp, having enhanced performance and offering superior resistance to unwanted stretch on the tubing. The grip on the tubing and the adjustability of the clamp was also dramatically improved with respect to roller clamps then currently on the market. The Precision V-Clamp accounts for 1/3 of the World's Market and 80% of the USA Market.

Today, we offer our Model IV technology offering no degradation in perfomance with a 30% lower price. Model IV is superior to our obsolete licensed Model II used by Abbott Laboratories and Baxter Healthcare. Ease in effort required to adjust the wheel and very fine flow rate adjustment are a few of many new patented features of the Model IV Precision V-Clamp.