Acro Biotech supplies Rapid lateral flow tests, rapid drug tests, keylessTM split sample CupLab drug test cups, rapid CardLab/CardLab Dipcard drug tests, POC Paneldrug tests, and other products for urine, blood, and saliva screen testing. These products are all manufactured at our facility in California, USA.

We OEM, custom label rapid test products to meet customer special needs. We have US FDA 510(k) approved rapid drug tests, cardiac marker tests ect. Our multiple drug test Panels are uniquely designed for convenience, high accuracy, as well as affordability in point of collection (POC) drug testing. High accuracy is another feature of our rapid test products that makes us stand out among rapid test suppliers.

The sensitivity cutoff levels of our rapid test products are precisely set to required levels. Our highly accurate THC test, Ecstasy (MDMA) test, and Benzodiazepine test are a few examples.