From its modest beginnings over 50 years ago, Ackermann Instrumente has grown into an instrument company well placed to become a market leader in its product fields. The name of Ackermann Instrumente is inseparably linked to surgical technology and remains at the forefront of tomorrow's technological breakthroughs. Ackermann has over four decades experience in serving the human community, focused and striving towards a perfect environment of medical science and technology .

The medical equipment manufactured by Ackermann results from a close collaboration between practising surgeons and specialists, working together in concert, to establish the most effective directions for the company's continual process of development. Thus, Ackermann Instrumente is focused on several International markets, and has successfully obtained a range of unique products. In addition to continuous R&D, the company prides itself on an extremely short product to market cycle, which has brought Ackermann a significant market share in the fast changing area of endotechnology.