ACIST Medical Systems, Inc., a Bracco Group company, is a pioneer and market leader of Advanced Contrast Imaging System Technology in the fields of cardiology and radiology with a global clinical presence in over 40 countries. Our advanced, comprehensive contrast injection technologies for imaging and related patient care solutions include: contrast injection systems for cardiology and radiology for use in catheterization, MR, and CT/CTA suites; extravasation detection technology; patient data information management systems; and point-of-care testing for creatinine levels. ACIST Medical Systems directly employs over 220 people worldwide, with the majority located at its corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Device manufacturing, research and development, technical and customer service, and all other corporate functions are performed from these offices in support of the global marketplace. Two other regional offices in Europe and Asia further coordinate local sales and system activities.ACIST Medical Systems is dedicated to helping clinicians provide the best patient care possible, by delivering innovative solutions that aid in obtaining quality images with greater ease and control during every procedure, in every case.