Achilles USA Achilles is a custom manufacturer of medical grade flexible PVC and multi-layer olefin films for use in disposable medical devices and healthcare products. Achilles films are specified by many of the world's most highly respected medical device companies for use in their products. Our films can be found in devices used for enteral feeding, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, cardiology, urology and medication delivery/infusion.

Films have been tested for USP 10993 biocompatibility and specifically designed for ethylene oxide, gamma ray or steam sterilization. Films are available that are certified to meet REACH compliance. We offer non-DEHP PVC film formulated with bio-based plasticizers (made from renewable resources) to support sustainability and minimize the carbon footprint associated with petroleum based plastic film. Other non-DEHP PVC options include DINCH, DEHT, Trimellitate and Citrate plasticized film.

Additional PVC film features available include: anti-microbial, anti-static, cold crack resistance and fire retardancy. TPE and PVC/TPU blend films can also be manufactured for specialized product applications. Achilles extruded multi-layer olefin films are available with up to five layers in a wide range of configurations. For example, films can be manufactured to offer high gas barrier properties and/or with higher durability/toughness than what is attainable in standard PE or PP films alone.

Our cast extruded films are available with either a surface texture or double polished clear for applications where film clarity is of critical importance. Achilles offers superior film quality through extensive testing and quality control systems that include 100% in-line defect detection, a controlled manufacturing environment and complete lot traceability of raw materials. Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certifications support our goal of manufacturing custom films that meet customer expectations in a manner that minimizes the impact to the environment.