About us Advantecnia is a Spanish company with international vocation, that places a special interest in the LATAM market. Since its beginnings in 2003, Advantecnia has designed its communication products in healthcare centres, applying technological innovation to the service of its client’s needs. Due to the height of its component of I+D+i (investigation, development and innovation), Advantecnia has always marked a tendency in the sector, being the first manufacturer to use IP communications in these types of applications and integrating the monitoring and control of the infrastructure in our products. With the launching of the solutions from the AdvantCall, range, Connectia establishes its position within the high level communication solutions in hospitals and healthcare centres, applying all its experience in the sector and peak technology, and providing its clients with quality, modularity, design and easy use. With AdvantCall, Advantecnia confirms its support for the slogan that made us grow: Technology applied to the care of people. If you wish to know more about Connectia or our products, do not hesitate to ask for further information on info@advantecnica.com Sensor monitoring (digital or analogue): presence, temperature, humidity, wind, open doors... Local control based on TCP/IP communications. Direct intervention on plan view, compatible touch-screen monitors. Centralized control, based on software, with local automated intelligence, lodged in the hardware Actuator control (digital or analogue): electric relays, contactors, voltage-free contacts... Management with state confirmation, based on the remittance and reception of E-mails with POP3 technology. Scheduled and reactive actions (immediate or recorded). Centralized control, software based, with local automated intelligence, lodged in the hardware.