Accurion GmbH is dedicated to provide high end reliable state of the art technology for its two product lines Imaging Ellipsometry and Active Vibration Isolation.Accurion was formed out of Halcyonics GmbH, specialist for Active Vibration Isolation Solutions and Nanofilm Technologie GmbH, specialist for surface analyzing tools like Imaging Ellipsometry and Reflection Spectroscopy.

Since 1991, Nanofilm has been the leader in Brewster Angle Microscopy and Imaging Ellipsometry. Halcyonics was founded in 1997 as specialists in Active Vibration Isolation. To reflect the recent move of both Nanofilm and Halcyonics to a single facility, as well joint market penetration, both firms operate now as Accurion. Accurion will continue to be a technological leader in both Imaging Ellipsometry and Active Vibration Isolation.

To continue our tradition of building customer confidence and loyalty, both the Nanofilm and Halcyonics product lines will continue to be marketed under their existing product brands.


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