AccuCare Canada Inc. is a family-owned corporation and one of the largest providers of medical compression garments in Canada. Our team of professionals have over 65 years of combined expertise specific to Health Care, Wellness, Manufacturing and Distribution. Our head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Central Canada). We have specialized in the fitting and supply of advanced medical compression therapy body garments & orthopedic supports, since 2003.

Our organization has always believed that one should never compromise when it comes time to find an organization that provides medical solutions, especially when it involves the vascular and lymphatic system.


Experience. Innovation. Compression Therapy Experts Since 2003!

This is what sets AccuCare Canada professionals apart from all the rest. Since 2003, our group has continued to set higher standards when it comes to delivering medical compression therapy solutions. Patients of all ages and from all walks of life including professional athletes, musicians and actors/actresses seek out our services because of our years of experience.

Unlike other groups who rely on a one day training course (from the manufacturer) for their staff to obtain a certified fitter designation. AccuCare prides itself with the deliverance of ongoing internal educational programs focused on the application, removal and technical attributes of medical compression apparel on the human anatomy. Our AccuCare certification programs start out as a 2 year internship that is centered on providing medical compression garment consultations (under the direction of a Head AccuCare Certified Fitter) to a minimum of 3500 patients before “Certified Fitter” documentation (Certification) is granted. The average Head Certified Fitter from AccuCare has over 10 years of one-on-one patient consultations documented under his or her tenure.