Roots of tradition

The history of ABNER dates back to the 1880s, when a silversmith workshop was set up, and production started on platters, powder-boxes, cigarette cases, and bowls. The later development of production to cover silver cutlery is strongly linked to the name BIBUS. During the Second World War, all production was directed towards supplying the firm of METALBAU with aeronautical parts.

After war´s years

The end of the Second World War led to an “enforced” change in ownership, the local workshops fell under state administration, and the new conglomerate was incorporated into the state-run SANDRIK, in one plant in Lanškrounská Street. Production of silver gradually declined in favour of stainless materials used to make cutlery. After 1970 the company began to manufacture soda-water siphons and the refills to them. In the 1980s new projects were added to stabilise production.

Development of stainless steel production

In 1981 the firm began working together with the Yugoslavia-based RADE KONČAR to produce stainless hospital catering equipment, which still lays a major role in the firm’s activities. Under Socialism the company’s name was changed to suit the state concern it became part of (SANDRIK Dolné Hámre, TONER Mor. Třebová, ROSTEX Vyškov).