The Sector Project (PS) implemented by ABIMO (Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) in partnership with Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), is named Brazilian Health Devices and its mission is to encourage the exports of items and equipment of the health industry. Brazilian Health Devices is the brand that brings together the sector's export industries and represents them internationally.

To achieve the objective of promoting exports in the sector and represent it internationally, PS Brazilian Health Devices has several programs promoting from courses and workshops that assist domestic manufacturers in adapting the structure and performance of products in different markets to participation in international events, thus revealing Brazilian production and brands to the world.

Begun in 2002, the PS Brazilian Health Devices today gathers more than 165 exporting firms, which correspond to 46% of ABIMO’s members. In 13 years of operations, it has effectively contributed to the increase of over 260% in foreign sales of the sector. Moreover, it collaborated to form the current scenario, in which about 80% of exporters have set up appropriate structures dedicated to international customers, providing employment to 931 people, with 93% allocated in Brazil and 7% abroad.

See what the PS Brazilian Health Devices offers its participants: Business intelligence department that provides information and elaboration of international market analyses Participation in major international fairs around the world in Brazilian pavilions Organization and promotion of trade missions for business rounds with distributors Inclusion of the company's site in company search disclosed in fairs and marketing actions. Business rounds in major national fairs Training courses for export and international certification Image project, inviting journalists and opinion leaders to come to the country to learn about the companies and the Brazilian market sector Program incentive FDA certification International Project, which consists in allocating a sales representative abroad.

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