Our company was established in 1995 in order to serve to orthopedics and physiotherapy centers in 1995, and it has maintained its operations and activities under the title ABC TIP SAGLIK SPOR MALZ. from November 1996.

Our company has been maintaining its activities, which commenced with neoprene bandage importation, as manufacturer and importer since 1998. The first neoprene product manufacture in 1998 was followed by the manufacture of corset and etc. Orthopedic neck-support pillows and beds were included in our product range in 1999.

In 2000, the production of silicon products was carried out for the first time. Our company serves miscellaneous sectors with its woven, knitted, silicon and pillow products, the main material of which is neoprene, (Orthopedics centers, hospitals, sports centers, department stores, hotels, souvenir, etc.).

We export our products to Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the Eastern European countries. Our goal is to realize the firsts in our country, to improve that globally and to develop products to increase the living standards of all people not regarding to they are handicapped, ill or healthy. This is and will continue to be our basis of existence. We thank everybody who has supported and assisted us during the past decade, and wish them to reach many other decades healthily and in high living quality.