AAT Medical About AAT With a strong focus on innovative research, AAT develops cutting-edge medical technologies to help others. The AAT Research group of companies researches, designs, develops and manufactures quality medical solutions.

With regulatory and quality systems in place and various international accreditations to its name, the group aims to lead innovation in the neurosciences field. Our Mission: AAT is above all dedicated to the research and production of cutting-edge medical technologies which provide patients with the chance of leading a better life.

With a particular focus on neurological conditions, our objective is to use our research and development (R&D) skills and experience to provide a unique and innovative academic-industrial approach based on scientific research. Our current key focus areas are: autism, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Website: www.aatresearch.org Twitter: @AATResearch Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aatresearch

Marsa Industrial Estate,
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