Company Profile

A.M.I. Italia Srl: Innovative Medical Products Solutions A.M.I. Italia is a company, young, flexible and dynamic, able to pick up in advance the needs of customers, which has established itself on the Italian market and on international markets by focusing on a strategy of selective product / market and investing in Research and development to become today one of the best Italian companies in the emerging world.

The company produces vascular and Transcranial Doppler spectrum analysis with integrated Doppler proctology and the complete line of External defibrillators, the last born in the house of AMI Italia. The company has pointed to a flawless and excellent operation of the devices, even over time, for which he set a standard of excellence in clinical treatment.

The key words of company policy A.M.I. Italia are Excellence, Safety, Vanguard.

Via Cupa Reginella, 17 A,
Quarto (NA)
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