A&L Shielding Inc. began operation in Rome, Georgia, in 1958. Products manufactured are used for radiation shielding in a variety of applications. Markets served include the United States, Central America and the Middle East. Products include standard shielding items and custom designs for X-Ray protection. A&L Shielding designs and constructs its custom products in a wide variety of shielding shapes in both solid lead and in lead covered in steel or other rigid material.

A&L manufactures and ships most of its standard products within 10 working days. This includes custom lead-lined wood doors, drywall, glass, and frames for both windows and doors. Please browse our available products or contact us if more information is required. A&L operates in company-owned facilities dedicated to the environmentally safe manufacture of lead products. The design of the A&L plant ensures it will continue to be a responsible member of the community as environmental regulations evolve in the years ahead.


268 Old Lindale Rd,
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