A.L.M. Surgicare was founded over a quarter of a century ago to fill the need for old world craftsmanship, combined with our German technology and production know-how. To achieve this unique combination of skills and instruments of the finest quality A.L.M. has devised and created new processes - new equipment - new quality control standards. This concept has been building an enviable reputation in operating rooms throughout the world - a reputation for rugged dependability and brilliant performance.

A.L.M. Surgicare strives to produce & supply the latest and most comprehensive range of instruments, due to rapid evolution in the field of biological sciences and constant evolution in surgical methodology, A.L.M. Surgicare constantly review and update the product range with the passage of time. All majour production processes are preformed in- house in our production plant. 


143/C Fatima Jinnah Road S.I.,
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