Certified to International and European Medical Quality Standards since 1997, Alto Development Corporation additionally has obtained the European Union CE Mark designation for many of its products. Based in the USA, Alto Development Corporation is also a United States FDA registered medical device manufacturer. A&E Medical Corporation is a wholly owned retail trade name of Alto Development Corporation.

The Alto Development Corporation began operation in 1968 focused primarily on manufacturing cast epoxy resin insulators used in high voltage electricity distribution grids. In 1973, Alto began its involvement in the manufacture of medical based products and produced its first medical device, a disposable suction coagulator. Since the introduction of that first medical product in 1973, Alto has manufactured a wide variety of electrosurgical instruments, temporary cardiac pacing leads, neurology scalp clips, stainless steel sutures, sternal wires, illuminated vein harvest retractors, surgical punches, manual dissectors, scissors, industrial wire cables, and many other molded plastic items.


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