A.C.F. ITALIA was founded in 1992 and since the beginning it has been mainly dealing with the promotion, sale and distribution of a wide range of biomedical products. Thanks to this activity it has developed a wide range of contacts with major hospitals, private nursing home and medical experts. For some years the brand ACF Refrigeration has been identified with cold chain production: we have been producing refrigerators, freezers and blast chillers up to -40°C, stainless steel or metal sheet coated.

A.C.F. ITALIA has been able to guarantee to its customers a thorough offer in terms of choice of materials, competitive price and a wide range of service customized to the needs of small, medium and large hospital facilities. A.C.F. ITALIA staff has been so far striving to meet your needs; through a careful design we have so far manufactured high quality and reliable products, based on the continuous investment in research and the improvement of production processes.