3DIEMME Srl is a services Company aimed at Professionals and Companies to provide advice and design in the technical and biomedical field.
Since 2006 the company has worked in the dental and maxillofacial sector supporting Doctors and Dental technicians worldwide in managing clinical cases with minimally invasive and digital technologies.
Among the major services offered by 3DIEMME we highlight the following:

  • - Development and customisation of medical software (3Diagnosys®)
  • - Management of guided surgery procedures using the RealGUIDE technique
  • - Application of rapid prototyping technologies and CAD/CAM in the biomedical field
  • - Support in the preparation of scientific papers and presentations at medical conferences


3DIEMME can provide the Customer (Doctor, Dental technician or Industry) a personalised solution for specific needs: ranging from the complete product (software and hardware) to specialised services (software customisation, virtual modelling and multi-material rapid prototyping).
Unlike competitors, 3DIEMME can prove the use of its Technology directly on actual problems of the Customers, illustrating the operation of each step to achieve the desired Solution, thanks to the possibility of visiting the production department of the Company and assist the practical manufacturing of Products to be used immediately in solving actual clinical cases.


To be the reference company for the digital management of minimally invasive surgery via the implementation of software that integrates all the information required for the Patient's customised rehabilitation in one open system.
The scope of 3DIEMME is to provide the best solution to integrate the prosthetic planning (from scanners and laboratory modelling software) with the clinical treatment (from diagnosis to computer-assisted bone regeneration to achieve the prosthetic implant and biologically driven design) and implement the resulting project via any CAD/CAM or RP technology available on the Market.

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