3B Scientific is the world leader in manufacturing and marketing didactic material for medical and patient education, and scientific teaching aids. Within 3B Scientific's wide range of products you will find artificial skeletons made from natural casting, anatomy models, workshop bones, CPR trainers, patient care mannequins, epidural and spinal injection trainers ​and other medical simulators, as well as teaching aids for the fields of physics and biology.

Furthermore, 3B Scientific offers acupuncture needles and tools, as well as kinesiology tape, physical therapy, massage and fitness products. Please visit 3bscientific.com to see 3B Scientific's full range of products. 3B Scientific® provides highest-quality products made of durable material at fair prices, excellent customer service & after sales support. Being represented in over 100 countries worldwide, 3B Scientific is the strongest partner in equipping complete labs, classrooms and doctors offices.

3B Scientific® product line includes: • Anatomical models; human skeleton models, organ models, and muscle models.
• Medical training simulators; patient care mannequins, CPR simulators, artificial training bones, and clinical and nursing skills trainers.
• Scientific and health education models; Biology, Zoology, Chemistry and sex education
• Physics; experiments supplies, lab material, instruments and kits.
• Charts, educational aids, and learning and teaching software.
• Acupuncture needles, 3B Laser Needle, models, furniture and equipment.
• Physical therapy, fitness, and massage tools.
• 3BTAPE Kinesiology tape, manuals and accessories.

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