Xenon light source / endoscope / stroboscopic / cold STROBOLIGHT ECLERIS

Xenon light source / endoscope / stroboscopic / cold STROBOLIGHT ECLERIS

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Our Strobolight stroboscope is an equipment developed with an innovative electronic light control system (Xenon Auto Transition Technology) that provides an exceptional light flow. It has the unique feature in the market that allows functioning with the same 180-watts Xenon bulb both in continuous and stroboscopic mode; this feature makes it extremely comfortable and simple for diagnosing larynx disorders. Contact microphone, automatic voice detection and automatic change of illumination mode, from continuous to stroboscopic (XATT). Full footswitch operation. Automatic detection and synchronization with base frequency. It is provided with manual function for patients with very weak lungs or any other that cannot achieve a base frequency. Rotary turret with multiple connections that fit all fiber optic cables. Amplified audio output.
  • Characteristics of light:stroboscopic, cold
  • Application:endoscope
  • Light source:xenon
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