Xenon light source / endoscope / cold VIDEOSMART Videomed

Xenon light source / endoscope / cold VIDEOSMART Videomed

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VIDEOSMART is a Xenon Cold Light Source with Inbuilt Video Processor. As a light source, a 35W metal – hallide, so called mini xenon, is used. It helps reduce the size and power consumption, without decrease in effectiveness (35W metal – hallide has the same level of brightness as 180W halogen bulb). Miniaturisation of the bulb also allows for placing the video processor in the same casing. The camera is a 1/3”, 1Lux CCD. The processor allows for freezing of two or four images, that can be then displayed on the screen simultaneously or in turns. It also alows recording a short video. Two models are available: XV-3001-250 / XV-3001-350
  • Application:endoscope
  • Characteristics of light:cold
  • Light source:xenon