Xenon light source / endoscope / cold ECONT-0101.3 Contact

Xenon light source / endoscope / cold ECONT-0101.3 Contact

Lamp The xenon gas discharge lamp design is optimized for endoscopic applications. The xenon lamp is guaranteed for more than 500 hours of operation and fitting of replacement is a simple process not requiring the use of special equipment. Ergonomic Design clear controls with minimal involvement ensure simple operation: the output intensity is made by a simple touch of screen - the unit is fully driven with touch-screen multilanguage menu. The output intensity is controlled via a step-motor driven mechanical diaphragm. all information for lamp lifetime, operational temperature, light intensity etc. are clearly displayed on large TFT-screen. FLASH memory for retaining last used working mode Safety the Light Source fulfills all essential safety demands. The rugged desk housing and the waterproof touch screen panel withstands all daily-use requirements. Compatibility fittings can be tailored to suit all major makes of light cables
  • Light source:xenon
  • Characteristics of light:cold
  • Application:endoscope

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