X-ray scanner (tomography) / full body tomography / 32-slice / wide-bore BodyTom® Neurologica

X-ray scanner (tomography) / full body tomography / 32-slice / wide-bore BodyTom® Neurologica

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The BodyTom® is the latest development in NeuroLogica?s portable computed tomography imaging line. It is a portable, full body, 32 slice CT that boasts an impressive 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view. The battery powered BodyTom® can be transported from room to room and is compatible with PACS, surgical navigation, electronic medical records, and planning systems. Its unique capabilities provide high quality CT images wherever needed, including the Clinic, ICU, OR and Emergency/Trauma Department. The combination of rapid scan time, flexible settings, and immediate image viewing makes the BodyTom® a valuable tool to any facility needing versatile real time CT imaging. Optimized For Use In : Spinal SurgeryBrain SurgeryOrthopedicsVascular SurgeryThoracic SurgeryMaxillofacialTumor RemovalTransplantsInterventional RadiologyBiopsyDrainsShuntsTrauma/ED/ICUStroke CentersDiagnostic Radiology Superb 3D Image Quality 32 Slice, 32 Images per second 85cm Gantry, 60cm FOV, 4cm Aperture 1.25mm, 2.5mm, 5.0mm, 10mm Slice Thickness 512 x 512 Image Resolution Maximum Scan length of 2 meters Comprehensive Capabilities Axial Helical Dynamic Complete Portability Built-in Drive System Internal Lead Shielding Battery Powered Plugs into a Standard Wall Outlet Easy Integration DICOM 3.1 HIS, RIS IHE Compatible with Electronic Medical Record and Planning Systems
  • Number of slices:32-slice
  • System:X-ray scanner
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