X-ray scanner (tomography) / for cranial tomography SKYVIEW MYRAY

X-ray scanner (tomography) / for cranial tomography SKYVIEW MYRAY

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SkyView has a 3d for dentists. SkyView combines a cone beam X ray source with a current generation image intensifier in order to deliver high definition 3D images with low X-ray doses. Scanning experience is a pleasant one. A natural, unhindered position means no claustrophobia or anxiety. Scan speed and the pulsed X ray emission system protect that X ray doses are very low indeed. It is safety and wellbeing high sensitivity of the image intensifier. Images are completely free from geometric deformation, perfectly measurable with micrometric precision and dependable over time. High resolution images with a 9 or 6 field of view can be completed with a close up zoom of a 4 diameter section. With SkyView you can obtain three dimensional reconstructions of teeth and the entire maxillofacial area. SkyView can easily be installed in any dental surgery: X-ray screening requirements are comparable to those of a panoramic system.
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