X-ray radiation protective shield El Dorado Metals

X-ray radiation protective shield El Dorado Metals
El Dorado Metals

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El Dorado manufactures and installs comprehensive PET and PET / CT shielding systems consisting of plywood panels laminated with lead sheets of varying thicknesses or interlocking lead brick systems, based on physical requirements. We offer custom plywood panels for lead thicknesses ranging from 3/16” to less than 3/4” and interlocking lead brick in 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2”, and 2” thickness. We also incorporate shielding glass that is specifically manufactured for PET facilities and manufacture both wood and steel doors with heavy lead shielding. Depending on the owner’s needs, El Dorado can simply provide materials or turn-key services including design, construction, and installation. Our professional team will ensure that every installation is completed on time and follows rigorous adherence to safety specifications and regulatory mandates. All quality controlled materials are manufactured in our plant. We offer competitively priced, quality controlled products that are manufactured in house and shipped directly to project site. Our experienced union and non-union installation teams work throughout North America and El Dorado’s design personnel have extensive PET experience. In addition, El Dorado utilizes a comprehensive safety and environmental program in working with all lead products.
  • Type of ionizing radiation:X-ray
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