Wrist pulse oximeter / wireless Oxitone

Wrist pulse oximeter / wireless Oxitone

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Oxitone watch is continuously measure something as easy as heart rate and blood oxygen levels two of the core vital signs utilized to monitor patients suffering from numerous chronic and intense conditions requires the patient be wired up to devices which limit independence and mobility. In a global culture increasingly characterized by the elimination of wires and proliferation of wireless mobility, healthcare is the next industry to benefit from these emerging technologies despite the complex nature of upgrading medical grade patient monitors and an acceptance of the legacy systems as good enough. In the hospital there is a solution for continuously monitoring all of these parameters simultaneously, but there is no long term, mobile and comfortable continuous monitoring solution for the home. Many consider the wrist to be the premiere location to conduct any sort of wearable monitoring because of the familiarity most patients already have with wearing watches on their wrists.
  • Other characteristics:wireless
  • Configuration:wrist

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