Wound drainage set HEMOVAC GOHAR SHAFA

Wound drainage set HEMOVAC GOHAR SHAFA

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Prolong Suctioning - Used for efficient post operative drainage of closed internal wounds to prevent infection or hematoma. It can used for prolong suctioning. - Large below chamber of 600 ml provides long lasting suction. - Complete with all necessary fittings, curved needles, clamps, drainage tubes, connectors, hang – up devices and connections. - Perforated wound drainage tune is made from non-toxic,non –irritant medical grade PVC with radio opaque line for X-Ray verification of position. - Sterility guaranteed for five years if stored under proper conditions and package is undamaged and unopened. - Sterile by E.O ready for use. - Capacity : 600 ml - Produced in wide range of different sizes : 10, 12 , 14 , 16 , 18 Fr.