Wood lamp CENTURY Medical Illumination International

Wood lamp CENTURY Medical Illumination International

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The Century Diagnostic UV (Woods) Light has the regular functions of a handheld ultraviolet light for use in ophthalmology and dermatology while including 2 fluorescent bulbs for illumination. The standard magnifier is improved with the help of integral 6x bifocal lens for better magnification. The Century IV is likewise available in 3 different mounted models, each one featuring a fast-disconnect clamp for easy mounting and removal. It has 2x standard acrylic magnifier lens and 6x bifocal lens. It also has 2 ultraviolet bulbs needed in diagnostic procedures as well as 2 daylight fluorescent bulbs. Its bulb life is 6,000 hours. Furthermore, there are several mounting options available and it can be purchased as a handheld unit.
  • Type:Wood
547 Library Street,
San Fernando, CA
United States
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