Wireless insulin pump OmniPod Insulet Corporation

Wireless insulin pump OmniPod Insulet Corporation

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Designed with wireless capabilities and waterproof, the Pod delivers insulin without the need for tubing and shots and in a discreet manner. The Pod renders insulin according to your customized settings and anywhere even when you swim or bathe thanks to its durability and waterproof features. The Pod is equipped with an onsite insulin reservoir, which features an automated inserter, angled infusion settings, power supply and pumping mechanism. Additionally, the Pod is extremely lightweight at 1.2 ounces, making it extremely comfortable and convenient to carry along. With the Pod, you can say goodbye to the pain associated with insertion needles and the automated and hands free insertion reduces the risk of errors. The top of the Pod is appointed with a pink slide insert, which indicates the status of the cannula, and the large screen is easy to use and works in unfavorable light conditions.
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