Wheelchair platform scale / multifunctional / electronic / with LCD display RW, RW-M WUNDER

Wheelchair platform scale / multifunctional / electronic / with LCD display RW, RW-M WUNDER

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DESCRIPTION Electronic professional scales with multitask platform and body mass index BMI, for medical and hospital use according to the European directives. Wunder RW is a medical device is designed to be used in different situations in hospitals for those who have difficulty of movement. Thanks to the particularly layout of the platform with two lateral ramps it can weigh people with wheelchairs Installing a lateral metal structure (handrail) on the platform, it can also weigh patients who have difficulty staying in an upright position, providing maximum safety when weighing patients. Wunder RW is equipped with a BMI function that enables a reliable assessment of the nutritional condition of the patient. Thanks to the new multifunction display with double LCD with triple reading, the weight, the height and the BMI can be displayed at the same time for a faster and more practical use of time. In addition the display has a 5 memory feature to fix the weight of the wheelchair used in order to arrive at the net weight of the patient. The RW model display can be used in 3 different ways: standard version with 2 metre cable for the display placed on a table or fixed to a wall, stand display version and adjustable stand display that can be positioned on the handrail. Wunder RW can be moved thanks to two lateral wheels
  • Precision class:class III
  • Other characteristic:with BMI calculation
  • Technology:electronic
  • Domain:multifunctional, for wheelchairs
  • Display type:with LCD display
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