Wheelchair cushion / anti-decubitus / foam / gel Advantage Ottobock

Wheelchair cushion / anti-decubitus / foam / gel Advantage Ottobock

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Active wheelchair users in particular are ideally equipped with our Advantage Wheelchair Cushion. It combines effective relief with comfortable seating management. In the low-risk areas, a contoured foam base with increased abduction improves the individual seating position. The high-risk areas are relieved using innovative Floam cells. Increased Seating Stability Floam is as adaptable as a gel-form liquid and as light as foam. It reduces pressure by distributing the body weight of your patient over a larger area. Floam does not exert any restoring forces and therefore reduces shear forces and friction that can arise during sitting. At the same time, high-risk body parts are relieved and air can circulate freely. In addition, Floam improves seating stability because it continuously adapts to the body contours of your patient and maintains them. Especially practical: With the Advantage, individual Floam cells can be replaced in order to make optimal individual adaptation in the highest-risk areas. The low weight and water-resistant cover increase compliance.
  • Type:anti-decubitus
  • Technology:foam, gel

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