Wearable vital signs monitor / wireless Smart Sensing Cityzen Sciences

Wearable vital signs monitor / wireless Smart Sensing Cityzen Sciences
Smart Sensing

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The market for textiles is more and more oriented towards the “quantified self”. Like many innovations, connected textile was born of a revolution of uses. The genesis of the Smart Sensing project, and of connected textile in general, arose with the advent of the quantified-self movement. This trend consists in constantly measuring your physical exertion, your heart rate, the amount of calories you have burnt, the quality of your sleep and of the air you are breathing at home… All thanks to connected devices integrated to your everyday life and linked up to your computer or smart-phone. This need, more and more present in professional sports to support the quest for performance, is now open to a larger audience on their quest of well-being. The trend is at the root of today’s growing market for portable devices measuring physiological data, such as connected bracelet… The Smart Sensing project chose an innovative approach, using textile as support to collect data. Integrating the know-how of complementary industries and the advice of leading experts, Smart Sensing takes on all the technological and industrial challenges of smart textiles to ensure that by 2014 its technology will be on the market.
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