Water manometer Greggersen Gasetechnik

Water manometer Greggersen Gasetechnik
Greggersen Gasetechnik

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Applications Used in continuous drainage for fine adjustment of vacuum by means of water column’s height. With an integrated control valve. Available as a plug-in unit for direct connection to a vacuum outlet or as a rail-mounted unit, NIST inlet. The vacuum is enabled via the integrated control valve and the suction needed for suction is generated. As soon as air bubbles become visible at the lower end of the immersion tube, the low pressure set via the immersion tube has been reached. If no vacuum is available, it can be generated via an ejector from compressed air. See under Woodpecker regulators. Technical data Design: Water vacuum gauge with immersion tube Water tubes: Plexiglas, Regulator unit and caps: brass, chrome-plated Medium: Vacuum Inlet: Plug-in connector: in accordance with DIN 13260-2 – gas-specific Rail: NIST (gas-specific in accordance with DIN EN 15908) Primary pressure: Min. -60 kPa (vacuum operation) Outlet: 9/16" - 18 UNF with vacuum nozzle Performance parameters: infinitely variable between 0 and -40 cm H2O Suction flowrate: Min. 10 l/min at -40 cm H O 2 depending on the central gas supply (ca. 1 cm H O ~ 1 mbar ~ 0.1 kPa) Dimensions (WxHxD)/weight: 95 x 570 x 115 mm / 1360 g