Water-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 16DJ CARRIER commercial

Water-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 16DJ CARRIER commercial

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16DJ Double-Effect Direct-Fired Chiller/Heater 16DJ Double-Effect Direct-Fired Chiller/Heater has a the refrigeration cycle for a conventional vapor compression chiller and an absorption chiller are similar in that both produce chilled water via the evaporation and condensation of a refrigerant at distinct pressures within the machine. However, a conventional chiller utilizes a mechanical means to compress and transport the refrigerant vapor to the condenser, while an absorption chiller depends on a thermo-chemical process implicated lithium bromide and water to establish the pressure distinctial in lieu of mechanical compression. Key Aspects: - While most vapor compression chillers utilize electricity as its energy source to operate the machine, absorption chillers utilize heat, typically in the form of steam, hot water or through the direct combustion of natural gas. - Double-effect absorption chillers are commonly installed in large capacity comfort cooling functions that are also served by centrifugal or screw chillers such as office buildings, hospitals and universities as well as manufacturing facilities and light industrial process cooling.
  • Technology:water-cooled
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities

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