Warming humidifier 450 ml, 70 °C | CPAP XT Apex Medical

Warming humidifier 450 ml, 70 °C | CPAP XT Apex Medical
450 ml, 70 °C | CPAP XT

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CPAP XT Heated Humidifier The XT Heated Humidifier is for use with the XT series CPAP and APAP devices. It humidifies and warms the air from the CPAP/APAP device before it reaches the face mask, ultimately preventing dryness in the mouth, nose and throat. This product improves patient comfort significantly and encourages the patient to stay on track with sleep apnea therapy. Features/Benefits Attaches easily to the XT series CPAP/APAP devices. Adjustment knob easily adjusts the humidifier heating level. Water chamber with removable base plate allows for easy cleaning. Safe and reliable with overheating protection mechanism. Conspicuous power-on and heater-on indicators.
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