Vital sign telemonitoring system WiPaM IXSyS

Vital sign telemonitoring system WiPaM IXSyS

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IXSyS developed the WiPaM telemedicine platform. WiPaM permits to connect homecare devices wirelessly with health care providers that can follow these data in real-time from a distance. WiPaM is typically used for follow-up of chronically ill patients - like patients with diabetes, asthma, hypertension, COPD, heart failure... - and for at home hospitalization. WiPaM Principle: Patients are equipped with homecare devices in their homes. At regular intervals tests are performed and the results of these tests are transmitted to the WiPaM server using the latest telecommunication technologies, like Bluetooth, GSM, Internet... Every health care professional that is involved in the patients follow-up can consult these data in real-time on the secure website. WiPaM is more than just a collection tool for homecare data. The data from tests done by physicians in their medical practice can also be uploaded to the WiPaM server. This allows building a complete telemedicine network centered around the patient. Telehomecare and Smartphones: IXSyS has developed an app that runs on an android based smartphone or tablet and collects data from medical devices (like a spirometer, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor, weight scale...) and uploads the result to the WiPaM server. The homecare devices are connected to the mobile phone with wireless Bluetooth technology. Gateway: Our Gateway is a plug and play modem that can be connected to either an internet connection or a standard telephone line. The homecare devices are connected to the Gateway with wireless Bluetooth technology.
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