Vital sign telemonitoring system WinPack WINMedical

Vital sign telemonitoring system WinPack WINMedical

WINMedical Products allow for 24/7, actual monitoring of the vital signs of the patients with the WINPack, which is wearable. Vital signs include blood pressure, 5-leads ECG, HR, temperature, position, and SpO2. The data that is on a server, is viewable by patients, doctors, and nurser whereever and whenever it is needed. All parties can see real-time data and look up history. The system's full modularity allows for variations with the sensors; this is dependent on the individual. WINMedical Products are indicated as CE0434 after the 93/42/EEC European law, and they are under registration at the Italian Ministry of Health
  • Type of monitoring: : vital sign
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