Vital sign telemonitoring system CCM™ SHL Telemedicine

Vital sign telemonitoring system CCM™ SHL Telemedicine

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HL Telemedicine’s Central Communication Module (CCM™) is an innovative telecommunication device that transmits medical data to our telemedicine centers from a variety of medical monitoring devices developed by SHL. The SHL CCM is designed to transmit over an Internet connection, cellular platform, or regular landline. The choice of transmission method will depend on the type of telemedicine device/s provided to the user and their telecommunication set up at home. Our CCM works with many devices from SHL’s product line, including our blood pressure, weighing (TeleWeight), oxygen saturation level (TelePulse Oximeter), breath exhalation (TeleBreather™) and sugar measuring devices. The CCM is a compact “plug and play” device. It has no control buttons, as there is no need for user intervention.
  • Type of monitoring:vital sign
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