Vital sign telemonitoring software HomMed LifeStream solutions

Vital sign telemonitoring software HomMed LifeStream solutions
HomMed LifeStream solutions

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If you’re interested in a remote patient monitoring program, that is easy to use and integrated with other medical systems- LifeStream Manager was made for you. LifeStream Manager was designed to improve patient care and management while improving clinical workflows through the integration of telehealth and telecare data in a single view. LifeStream Manager offers flexible, customizable care delivery solutions that will help you improve ease of use, and quality of care. Through LifeStream Manager, Care Providers can schedule and customize when and where patient biometrics are collected, ask specific questions, and provide relevant education to the patient. Care Providers can utilize the dashboard in LifeStream Manager to view alert conditions when data (vitals and questions) falls out of expected ranges. Additionally, the vitals are trended to better assess changes to health status over time for patients. Plus, it’s designed to allow your organization to scale the telehealth program as your patient populations change and they require changes to their care plans.
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