Vital sign telemonitoring software H3 System

Vital sign telemonitoring software H3 System
H3 System

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Competitive Advantages Measure blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and other medical data as usual. Data transmission is fully automatic. Installation is very easy as well. You don't have to have a PC. You can use a phone line, a Internet line, or mobile networks. For some models, all you need is electric power. Glucometer, blood pressure monitor, weight scale, heart rate, thermometer, and pulse oximeter. Additional devices in development. Supports IEEE-11073 standards over Bluetooth-HDP for measuring devices. HL7 compliant for server connection. Conforms to Continua design guideline. Broad price spectrum and cost effective tele-healthcare solution. Over 10,000 worldwide users. Commercialized in Korea and US. testing in progress in the other countries. No additional equipment needed Multi-device compatibility Use of Standards Cost effective and reliable
  • Function:vital sign telemonitoring
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