Viewing software / diagnostic / nuclear medicine / medical InterView™ XP Mediso

Viewing software / diagnostic / nuclear medicine / medical InterView™ XP Mediso
InterView™ XP

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Planar, SPECT and Whole Body Software Introduction Interview™XP is a nuclear medical image evaluation workstation supporting the quantitative and 2D-3D presentation of time dependent, organ specific radio-pharmaceutical spatial distribution followed by the in-vivo bio-chemical processes. The system runs under MS Windows XP, Vista (32/64 bit), and Windows 7 (32/64bit) platforms, by well-known Windows based user-friendly interface. The high resolution true-colour display allows multiformat image presentation in excellent quality. Main functions of the system are possible to access by pull-down menu structure (Fig.1.). Optionally, the most often used clinical procedures are available by so called quick access bar i.e. Study Info Bar (it is possible to activate/hide by the Option Menu item /Fig.3./) (Fig.2.). The Highly Automated Evaluations Procedures are grouped by organs and acquisition modes (2D/3D, i.e. Planar /Fig.4./ or SPECT /Fig.5./). The evaluation tools of each procedure are organised by clinical tasks to be divided into logical steps. Each step corresponds to a page of a workbook, where the user may navigate among the steps in order to make the necessary modifications/corrections (Fig.6). The program leads the user along the logical steps with the necessary intervention. Most of the default values of the evaluation procedures are user definable (filters, corrections, reconstruction mode, parameters, orientation, blowing up, palette, etc. /Fig.7./).
  • Application domain:medical, nuclear medicine
  • Function:viewing , diagnostic
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