Viewing software / diagnostic / medical / ophthalmology OphthalSuite BlueWorks

Viewing software / diagnostic / medical / ophthalmology OphthalSuite BlueWorks

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OphthalSuite is a solution that allows ophthalmologists to quickly and conveniently access all exams performed in all diagnosis devices. It may be connected to the existing medical records management system of the hospital. OphthalSuite Exams List OphthalSuite organizes the performed exams chronologically for each patient on the several Ophthalmology consultations. It allows reviewing all the diagnostic exams in real time, in the consultation room, regardless the equipment where it was performed. Several exams can be reviewed simultaneously in mosaic or side by side views. It includes a Business Intelligence Module that facilitates accessing and handling numerical data that is acquired from each piece of equipment, facilitating customized queries and clinical research. This technological solution designed for Ophthalmology can be adapted to address problems that are common to other medical specialties.
  • Application domain:medical, ophthalmology
  • Function:viewing , diagnostic