Video dermatoscope DermLite Cam® Dermlite

Video dermatoscope DermLite Cam® Dermlite
DermLite Cam®

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DermLite Cam® is a state-of-the-art digital dermoscopy camera designed to enable anyone in your office to capture repeatable high-resolution dermoscopic & clininal images–quickly and easily. With over 1 million images captured to date, it is one of the world?s premier digital dermoscopy workhorses. Finally, you have a portable, professional tool for taking polarized and non-polarized images of superb quality, without the frustratingly complicated menus inherent in most digital cameras. Yes, a DermLite Cam is easy to use. Captured images are automatically numbered in sequential order, saved to an SD card and displayed on its high-resolution touch screen. The intuitive DLCam® interface provides only those functions that are actually needed: Image review including double-tap zooming and image deleting, that?s it.
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