Video capillaroscope Optilia Instruments AB

Video capillaroscope Optilia Instruments AB
Optilia Instruments AB

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The Optilia Digital Capillarscope Extensive Kit offers superior video calliaroscopy. It’s built around the renowned portable microscopy platform from optilia. This all-in-one system has a user-friendly interface for analyzing, documenting, and following-up on patient examinations. Users can expect sharp, high-resolution images. Details and color reproduction are displayed brilliantly for examination of micro-hemorrhages, giant capillaries, etc. The extensive kit is designed for use in situations where doctors have to move the entire workstation, as well as situations in which a large monitor and powerful stationary PC are required in order to display images with superior clarity. The total space required for this system is 70x70 cm (27.5x27.5 inches). The interface is user-friendly and allows for side-by-side comparison of new images and old ones.