Veterinary X-ray radiology system Radincon

Veterinary X-ray radiology system Radincon

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The RAD-X HF Premier Vet Systems are the flexible choice when selecting a new x-ray suite for your hospital. We can tailor a package to suit your individual requirements and desires rather than an off the shelf system that you may not be an ideal solution for you. The table tubestand combination provides the ultimate in positioning possibilities with movement in all practical directions. This is the best European manufactured offering we could find and surpasses the quality of all other options in the market. The RAD-X P Series High Frequency X-ray Generator choice is from 20 to 60 kilowatt with the most popular veterinary option being the 30kW PSE-30 Stored Energy with a matching x-ray tube with focal spots and performance to suit. Full Anatomical Programming is standard and in manual mode you have a choice of 2 or 3 point programming. This means you can select kV and mAs or have more control of the image using kV, mA and time. These generators carry a 5 year manufacturer's parts warranty. The RAD-X HF Premier Vet System is built to a performance, service and quality standard to keep you happy now and into the future.
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