Veterinary ultrasound system / on platform SonoVet R5 Samsung Medison

Veterinary ultrasound system / on platform SonoVet R5 Samsung Medison
SonoVet R5

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The SonoVet R5 is a very compact and sensibly designed device. It is a great help to the veterinarians as they examine the small animals. The product offers enhanced clinical effectiveness. It uses a unique combination of user-interface and ground breaking technology. The device has functions like full spectrum imaging, Speckle Reduction filter and Synthetic Aperture Control. Using these features the device allows you to get a better picture of the areas under examination. It uses the Samsung 3D Colour technology for better analysis. It is equipped with a 15-inch LCD monitor that can help to see the images clearly. The design is user friendly and ergonomic. This is combined with the Samsung proprietary QuickScan tool. The device has a menu function that can be customised. It streamlines the workflow and provides great productivity. The SonoAce R5 allows a lot of ergonomic features in a simple package. The weight is just 52 kg. It has been provided with four wheels that can rotate making it very mobile. All these features make the product very convenient and efficient.
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