Veterinary electrosurgical unit Veterinary HFR Delmarva 2000

Veterinary electrosurgical unit Veterinary HFR Delmarva 2000
Veterinary HFR

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125 + watts of power, 4 MHz in radio waves for easy, fast, and safe surgery. Totally isolated mono-polar configuration allowing for Cut, Blend, and Coagulation modes—with immediate Bipolar Switching. Isolated circuitry as in expensive human hospital models, not ground referenced. Three easy selectable modes of operation: Cut-Fully rectified & filtered for smooth cutting and minimal hemostasis. Blend-Fully rectified & not filtered for good cutting coupled with hemostasis. Coag-Radio wave is modified for better coagulation. Controls bleeding and destroys unwanted tissue by desiccation. Instant switching to bipolar mode for pinpoint bleeder control or invert forceps for larger areas of coagulation Linear adjustable power control, assuring the correct power to treat animals as large as a horse or as small as a mouse. Vibration & shock proof. Autoclavable handpiece and cords. Industrial grade hybrid electronics for stable, cool and safe operation. Simple, easy to use control panel. Made in the USA with 6 year warranty.
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