Veterinary dental extraction instrument kit Woodward Dentalaire

Veterinary dental extraction instrument kit Woodward Dentalaire

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The Woodward Extraction Kit includes all the basic instruments required for canine and feline dental extractions. Designed by Dr. Tony Woodward, DVM/AVDC from Colorado Springs, CO, the kit contains the following items: One set of four S/S winged elevators. The set includes 1-4mm. These are sharp and have a fine edge. They have a unique spoon shape that hugs the animal’s tooth and gives added leverage with a side to side twisting or rocking motion. One 3mm curved root elevator and one 5mm curved root elevator. These elevators are useful in medium to large-sized teeth and are mostly used in canine dentistry. They will often fit where winged elevators won’t. One pair of 7” curved serrated dean scissors. These are helpful in a veterinary dentistry practice to lengthen and trim the gingival flar as well as cut sutures in the animal’s mouth. One molt 2-4 perio elevator. This is a double-ended instrument used for elevating gingival flaps in feline and canine dentistry. One small rongeur forceps, 4.5”. Used as an extraction forceps and bone contouring tool. One straight root tip pick. Useful in veterinary dentistry for removing fractured root tips below the gumline.
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