Veterinary central monitoring station 23? | CentralVue™ Digicare Animal Health

Veterinary central monitoring station 23? | CentralVue™ Digicare Animal Health
23? | CentralVue™

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The CentralVue™ veterinary 9 channel multi-parameter telemetry system is capable of receiving from portable TeleVue™ transmitters, 5 Lead ECG, ST segment analysis, Arrhythmias, Respiration, Temperature and optionally Nellcor™ VetSat™ pulse oximetry. These vital-signs are transmitted from anywhere in the hospital up to 300 ft and can be expanded to 1000ft. The system uses Bluetooth® technology. The Bluetooth® transmission frequency is right within FCC approved ISM band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band), which makes the transmission safe and interference free. The CentralVue™ ships with a multi-channel Bluethooth™ receiver and a dedicated computer system that runs the CentralVue™ sophisticated software. Each of the CentralVue™ 9 channels has 6 totally programmable waveform traces and a very easy to understand display of numeric and text information. ECG waveforms, tabular reports and Excel™ reports can be printed or saved for future use in paper or in PDF format. Reports can be linked to the animal?s history in the practice?s management software. The CentralVue™ can easily be connected to the practice?s network using its built-in wireless adapter.
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